You can choose to share your data as a downloadable Excel file or a link via Layer Sheets or Google Sheets.

Why share data via Google Sheets?

Sharing the data through Google Sheets has several advantages over sharing it as an Excel file:

  • Share data with people who prefer to work with Google Sheets.

  • Share data with people that don't have an Excel license.

  • Keep working in Excel while your team leverages the full power of working with Google Sheets.

How does it work?

To share data on Layer via Google Sheets:

  1. Select a spreadsheet from the "My Spreadsheets" tab.

  2. Click the "Create Flow" button in the upper right corner.

  3. In the "Access & Security Settings" section, check the "Google Sheets" box.

  4. If you're sharing data via Google Sheets for the first time, Google will ask you to allow Layer to access your Google Drive.

Keep in mind that you can only share data via Google Sheets if the recipient's email address is connected to a Google account.

How can the recipient view and edit the file?

When you share data with a collaborator, they receive an email with instructions on how to view and edit the spreadsheet via Google Sheets and submit changes.

The email will contain an "Open Layer" button.

  1. Click the "Open Layer" button. This will display the shared flow.

  2. Click the "Open As Google Sheet" button. This will display the shared data on Google Sheets.

  3. Enter the requested data input.

  4. Once you're done, head back to the Layer flow window.

  5. You can submit an optional message if needed.

  6. Toggle the "Attach data from Google Sheet" switch if you wish to submit your changes to the Excel file.

  7. Press "Send".

Even though the recipient can access a Layer page specially created to submit input, the recipient does not need a Layer account unless the "Ask collaborators to sign-in" option was checked during the flow creation.

Once the recipient submits the data, you will get an email notification to review the changes.

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