As you are reading this article, you likely received an email from Layer.

What is it about?

You get an email from Layer whenever somebody of your colleagues or a partner shares spreadsheet data with you. Sometimes that can also include a request for data input or changes.

What do I have to do?

We made it easy for you to collaborate with your colleague on the spreadsheet,

  1. Download and open the spreadsheet with the provided download link in the email

  2. Change or input data accordingly to the instructions given by your colleague in the email.

  3. Finally, submit your input by replying to that same email with the attached and updated spreadsheet.

Hint: In the reply email body, you can add text, i.e., comments or questions that your colleague will receive, to get some more context to your changes.

After replying to the email with your attached spreadsheet, your requesting colleague will receive the updated spreadsheet at Layer and can review and accept your changes.

How does Layer work?

What is Layer?

Layer helps teams to work together on spreadsheets:

  • Sharing spreadsheet data is easier as users can share only parts of their spreadsheets and share data on a regular basis.

  • With Layer, it's also easier to keep an overview of who has access to what data and who needs to submit input.

  • Layer is also taking care of reminding people to provide data on time.

  • Finally, Layer helps its users review submitted and changed data from their team by providing a smart preview to keep their spreadsheets integrity.

Who uses Layer?

Usually, finance teams and other departments use Layer to share and collect data from their colleagues. Some examples of how people use Layer:

  • Collecting business data monthly by various departments, business owners, or managers.

  • Creating a yearly budgeting plan with many departments involved.

  • Tracking revenue KPIs by the sales or marketing team.

  • Sharing top-line business data with investors or the management.

  • Getting a monthly update on the HR headcount.

... and other use cases where people, teams, and companies are collaborating on spreadsheet data.

How can I get started with Layer?

You can sign up and get started with Layer right away and you can schedule your own personal onboarding call so we can help you get started creating and automating your custom spreadsheet workflows.

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