What is Layer?

Layer is a Google Sheets add-on that equips you with the tools to improve your data collection processes. Share individual sheets or ranges of your spreadsheet, monitor, review and approve changes. Beyond that, Layer can sync your data from different sources such as QuickBooks or HubSpot to Google Sheets โ€“ all within seconds.

Using Layer, you can:

  • Share parts of your sheet. Define individual access and editing permissions for your Google Sheets down to the cell level, eliminating error-prone email-driven data aggregation processes while protecting your data.

  • Request and Collect Data. Save time by automating repetitive data aggregation tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress. New inputs from the shared sheets will be synced with your master file. No need to chase people for input!

  • Monitor and Approve Changes: Get notified about inputs and proposed changes by collaborators and manually accept or reject them, adding an extra layer of auditing before merging with the main spreadsheet to avoid human error.

  • Automate the process. When you share data, Layer creates a connected file that only holds the data you share and then syncs changes in that sheet live with your master file. You can share as many connected files as you want with as many collaborators as you need while keeping full control over your master file!

  • Integrate and sync. Additionally, you can connect your data sources such as HubSpot, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Xero, BambooHR, Personio or HiBob and import granular data into Google Sheets using Layer.

Why should I use Layer?

Layer helps you:

  • Maintain full control over your data and user access.

  • Save time by automating recurring data collection processes.

  • Reduce the risk of costly spreadsheet errors going undetected.

  • Keep your current Google Sheets setup and processes. Add Layer on top.

What is a typical use case for Layer?

Budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and financial planning are the most common use cases. Layer helps you in any process that involves sharing spreadsheet data, collecting input from colleagues, and managing workflows, which can also be useful for a bunch of other use cases in Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, or Ops.

How can I get started?

You can install the add-on for free and get started right away or book a demo. In a quick onboarding call, we can guide you through the add-on installation process, as well as set up your first connections and integrations. If you prefer to explore the add-on on your own, we have described common next steps below. We hope they help you to get started right away.

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