First of all, Layer is there to help you and your teamwork with spreadsheets.

What Problems Does Layer Solve?

Layer allows you to manage and automate spreadsheet processes. You can share data from your existing Excel and GSheets files on a granular level, collect and merge input from colleagues and steer workflows.

What Is the Value Of Layer?

Layer allows you to save tons of time, reduce errors and free up mental capacity for your most important to-dos.

What Is a Typical Use Case For Layer?

Reporting, budgeting, and financial planning are the most common use cases. Layer helps you in any process that involves sharing spreadsheet data, collecting input from colleagues, and managing workflows. This can be in Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, or Ops.

How Can I Get Started With Layer?

At the moment, Layer is still in private beta. Only selected users are able to login to Layer to share and request data with their teams.

If you would like to use Layer for your team, let us know. We are happy to have a quick chat with you to set up your account.

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