When you upload your spreadsheet, we create a file copy at Layer. At the moment, we don't support a file synchronization between Layer and the spreadsheet on your local machine.

Your spreadsheet can change either on Layer or on your local machine over time:

  • Your uploaded spreadsheet on Layer will always get updated when you accept changes from your team. For each accepted input, Layer will create and store a new version of your spreadsheet.

  • Your locally stored spreadsheet will change whenever you actively edit and save the spreadsheet.

I edited my spreadsheet on my computer. What do I do now?

Editing your spreadsheet is not a problem.

To ensure that your Layer workflows reference the latest version of your spreadsheet, you need to upload your edited version to Layer. Layer will recognize your uploaded spreadsheet as the latest version.

Upload a new version through the context menu in your Layer spreadsheet overview:

Upload a new version on the version page of your spreadsheet:

Note: If your edited and uploaded version includes structural changes, i.e., added or deleted rows and columns, your changes might affect the spreadsheets you have shared with your team, and they might be outdated. Check your flows and re-share the spreadsheet or part of your spreadsheet again to make sure your team is working with the most up-to-date version.

How do I download versions of my Layer spreadsheet?

As Layer creates a new version of your spreadsheet every time you accept your team's changes, you can simply download any version of your spreadsheet to continue working on your spreadsheet on your local machine.

Simply go to the version page of your spreadsheet, select the version you want to download on the right sidebar, open the context menu and download the version as an Excel file.

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