To share your Excel spreadsheet with others, head to the "My Spreadsheets" tab. Here, you'll find a list of all your uploaded spreadsheets.

By clicking on one of your spreadsheets, you will be taken to the spreadsheet dashboard, displaying a list of the spreadsheet's created flows.

Flows help you create and manage communication workflows with the people you share your Excel file with. You can define specific parts of the spreadsheet to share with different people, schedule them, set deadlines, and automate them to be sent on a regular basis.

How to create a flow?

To create a new flow, hit the "Share" button in the upper right corner. This will bring up the flow creation modal.

  • Title: The title of your flow (e.g., Monthly HR Report, Marketing Budget for 2021, etc.)

  • Recipient's email: The email addresses of one or more collaborators you're sharing the data with or requesting input from.

  • Message or instructions (optional): Notes to be included when shared with your collaborator.

  • Share data: By default, the flow is set to share the entire file. If you want to only share a part of the file, click on the "Change" button, and your spreadsheet will be displayed. Here, you can select specific sheets or cell ranges to share.

  • Access and security settings: Select whether you want to share the spreadsheet as a downloadable Excel file or online on Google Sheets or Layer Sheets. You can also choose whether collaborators need to be signed in to Layer or not for security purposes.

  • Share: Select whether to share the spreadsheet right away or schedule it at a later date. If you're requesting input for your collaborators, toggle the "Request Input" switch and select a due date, if needed, so that the collaborators can receive reminders accordingly.

  • Repeat: In case you need to set up a recurring flow, you can select the desired automation frequency; daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Once you've submitted all of the required information, press the "Share" button to create the flow.

Sharing via Excel

When you share the data as an Excel file, your recipients will receive an email with the file attached, make their changes, and submit their input by attaching the file to an email reply or by attaching the file on Layer.

Sharing via Google Sheets

When sharing the data via a Google Sheets link, the recipients will receive a Google Sheets links where they can make their changes. Then, return to Layer to submit the changes. Learn more about the process of sharing via Google Sheets.

Sharing via Layer Sheets

Layer Sheets is Layer's very own built-in web interface. It is the easiest and fastest way to share data.

When the file is shared as a Layer Sheets spreadsheet, your email will contain an "Open Layer" button. This will take collaborators to Layer where they can edit and submit their changes directly within the browser.

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