To share your Google Sheets data with others, you'll need to create workflows for the different sheets or subsets of data that you want to share and assign them to your collaborators.

Workflows help you create and manage communication workflows with your collaborators. You can select specific sheets of your Google Sheets to share with different people, schedule tasks, set deadlines, and automate them to be sent on a regular basis.

By creating a workflow, Layer will create a new separate spreadsheet with the shared data and share it with the specified recipients. They can then access the data through the new sheet and submit changes if needed. Those changes would be sent to the spreadsheet owner, who would choose whether they want to accept them and merge them into the main spreadsheet or not.

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For example, a CFO has their company budget spreadsheet on Google Sheets. He creates a workflow consisting of the marketing budget sheet and shares it with the CMO. The workflow also includes a recurring monthly task for the CMO to submit the updated marketing budget and metrics to be merged back into the main company budget.

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