How can I review the data input?

With Layer, you are always in control of any data added to your main file. Once a collaborator has submitted input, you will receive an email from Layer informing you of that.

  1. Select your spreadsheet from the "My Spreadsheets" tab.

  2. You will notice a "Review Needed" label attached to the completed flow. Select the flow by clicking on it

  3. Click the "Review" button.

  4. The spreadsheet changes will be displayed in the preview window. The cells affected by changes will also be highlighted in the spreadsheet. Different colors indicate different types of changes.

  5. If you wish to reject any of the inputs, select it in the preview window and press "Ignore". Alternatively, you can also select the spreadsheet cell affected by the change and press the plus "+" button in the preview window.

  6. Once you're ready, press "Accept" to merge the accepted changes with the master spreadsheet.

  7. You can also press the "Reject" button if you wish to reject all submitted changes at once. However, be careful as the changes would be discarded and can't be recovered.

How can I view the data changes?

To view the data input, select a changed cell to inspect the change. In this case, the previous value was 50,000 and was changed to 55,000.

What is considered a change or input?

Only cell values, formula changes, and added or removed sheets are considered changes and will get merged into your underlying spreadsheet.

Added or changed cell stylings, formats, colors, and any other changes made by the collaborator will be ignored to keep your underlying spreadsheet's integrity.

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