When a Layer connection is shared with you, you will receive an email with the new Google Sheets spreadsheet with the data that was shared with you.

To submit data changes:

  1. Navigate to the email received from Layer.

  2. Click the "Open" button. This will open the Google Sheet in a new tab with the shared data.

  3. Enter the requested data input or make the needed changes.

  4. Once you're done, head to the "Instructions" tab.

  5. Check the "Request Review" box. This will submit a request to the spreadsheet owner to review the changes and choose to accept or reject them.


  • Changes made to cell stylings, format changes, or any other added features like graphs, data validation, pivot tables, etc., will not be taken into account in order to keep the owners' spreadsheet integrity.

  • Any data input made on the Google Sheet won't be sent to Layer or the spreadsheet owner, even if it's auto-saved until you explicitly submit it by requesting a review.

  • Spreadsheet owners have access to all spreadsheets generated through their connections and can see data changes before they're submitted to Layer.

What happens after I submit data?

The spreadsheet owner will be informed through the Layer add-on of the submitted data. Changes made to values and formulas will be presented to them to review and choose whether to merge them with the main spreadsheet or not.

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