26 Nov 2020

Introducing Flows

Workflows have been the heart of Layer ever since. From today, they get their own name within Layer. Welcome, Layer Flows.

It's not just about a name. Flows will help you create, manage and repeat workflows in a much more productive way!

Create, Collaborate, Schedule, and Repeat 🔁


Creating a new Layer spreadsheet Flow

Creating a Flow always starts with sharing spreadsheet data with others. We made it even easier to share data by a minimalistic, streamlined sharing dialog.


A Layer spreadsheet Flows history

Your team can now use Layer to message you and attach input directly within Layer. Still possible, but no need to attach spreadsheets to emails. You and your team now have a complete history of your collaboration on spreadsheets. Starting from shared data, to messages, to submitted input to accepted or rejected data.


Schedule and repeat settings for a newly created Flow

Schedule when spreadsheet data is shared. Select an optional sharing date.


Automate spreadsheet workflows regularly

Finally, you can automate the sharing of spreadsheet data. This is powerful whenever you need to share or request input regularly (e.g., weekly reporting, monthly planning, or quarterly rolling forecasts).

Need help setting up your Flows?

Let us show you how to make the most of Layer and start building better workflows today.

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