28 Jan 2021

Introducing Layer Sheets

We hope you had a well-deserved rest over the New Year period. Here at Layer, we are off to an exciting start to 2021 with our biggest change yet.

Now you can share any part of your spreadsheet through Layer's built-in web interface, and your team can edit and submit their changes directly within the browser

– say hello to Layer Sheets. 🥳

Below is what we just shipped in January:

Layer Sheets

✔️ Share any part of your spreadsheet on Layer Sheets

✔️ Collect input directly on Layer Sheets

Workflow Improvements

✔️ See which Flows have new messages

✔️ Edit all details of a scheduled Flow

Sharing and Collecting Via Layer Sheets

Layer Sheets is the easiest way to share and collect data. Why?

One of the things we hear a lot is "It has to be so simple for my team to make edits" and "The team I need to get input from aren't savvy with Excel".

Layer now has a simplified spreadsheet editor that lets your collaborators make cell changes (values or formulas) in their browser and then submit them to you for review. This means that they don't have to download Excel files or open Google Sheets, and they don't have to reply to emails to submit their changes.

Sharing your spreadsheets via Layer Sheets also means a reduced chance of receiving unwanted changes, such as structural changes. You can focus on the numbers they send and keep your master file exactly the way you want it.

How It Works

When you log in to the Layer App, you will see the option to share via Layer Sheets in the access settings when you create a Flow. Pretty simple 😉

We wanted to make Layer Sheets available to you as fast as possible. So please be aware that some small parts might change over the next couple of weeks as we are polishing up the feature.

Workflow Improvements

✔️ See which Flows have new messages

A blue notification dot now gives a visual cue if you have any unread messages.

✔️ Edit all details of a scheduled flow

You can now edit the details (e.g., shared range, due date) of any upcoming Flow.

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