25 March 2021

Tracking Spreadsheet Changes Made Easy

We're back with some brand new features and improvements that are sure to get you excited. These features are designed to give you even more control over your spreadsheets and Flows.

So without further ado, let's get into it! 🎉

Support for Notes

All notes created or updated by collaborators will be shown by default when merging spreadsheets or when a new spreadsheet version is submitted.

Display Added and Removed Sheets

Display added and removed sheets

You can now identify added and removed sheets when merging your spreadsheets. The sheets will be shown with a green or red dot as well as the label "Created" or "Deleted" to indicate added and removed sheets, respectively. Similarly, the entire sheet will also be colored green or red.

While you can only view the changes now, you will be able to merge those sheets as well very soon.

Spot Cell Changes Faster

We introduced different colors when tracking changes to make it easier for you to spot the different types of changes; blue for explicit changes, light blue for implicit ones, and purple for formula changes. That way, you can quickly differentiate between the different types of changes made by the collaborators.

Track Versions with Labels

Track spreadsheet versions with labels

In order to keep track of all the changes and the different spreadsheet versions submitted over time, labels are shown for each new version, including the contributor's name and the name of the Flow.

Identify Users with Avatars

Identify users with colorful avatars

New users or contributors are assigned customized avatar colors to be easily identified. Each user avatar color is also consistent across the different Flows and when shown to other users to ensure consistency and avoid confusion.


Share your spreadsheet with multiple people

We've also made these improvements to pre-existing features.

  • Share with Your Team: You can now send a Flow to multiple people at once instead of having to create the same Flow numerous times.

  • Autocomplete: When identifying a new Flow, the "Recipients" field will display a list of the last five recipients with whom you shared Flows. When typing a recipient's email address, it will also offer suggestions based on previously entered ones.

  • Improved Flow Listings: Pertinent information regarding Flows is shown as part of the Flow listings, including the sharing date, due date, and Flow frequency.

  • Restore Older Spreadsheet Version: A "Restore" option is available for all spreadsheet versions, allowing you to revert to an earlier version of the master spreadsheet.

  • Unhide Rows and Columns: You can hide or show rows and columns temporarily from the header context menu when sharing your spreadsheet.

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