30 June 2021

Over the past couple of months, we released some of our most anticipated features. Not only do these new features give you more control over your spreadsheets and Flows, but they also help make the process of sharing and submitting data much easier.

Sync Your Files With Excel (beta)

The Layer Excel add-in allows you to easily sync your local Excel spreadsheets with Layer. You don't need to manually download or upload files. Downloading the Layer Excel add-in saves you time by automating the process and keeping all your local Excel files up-to-date with Layer at all times.

Display and Share Charts

Charts are now available. You can now share spreadsheets containing charts with your collaborators even if the chart data references another sheet that is not shared by the spreadsheet owner.


We've also made these improvements to pre-existing features.

  • Security Settings: Share Flows that require collaborators to sign in to view and submit data, adding another layer of security when sharing sensitive data.

  • Remember Flow Settings: When creating a Flow, Layer will remember your last sharing format (Excel, Google Sheets, Layer Sheets) to save you time.

  • Improved Login: Refurbished login designs and experience to reflect our brand.

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