When you share data, if you only share parts of a sheet or a full sheet that contains a formula with cell references that are not within the shared area, the formula will be inlined.

This means that your collaborators will only see the value of the cell but not the original formula. We do this so the collaborator doesn't get a reference error.

The formula will be maintained in your master file and only inlined for the collaborator. If the collaborator changes the content of a cell with inlined data, Layer will warn you that the formula was changed.

For example, assuming

A1: =B1+B2
B1: 1
B2: 2

  • If you were to share cells A1 and B1, but not B2, your collaborators would see the value "3" in A1 but not the original formula.

  • If your collaborator changes the value of B1 to "2", the value of A1 will remain unchanged for them.

  • Once your collaborator has submitted their changes, you will get to review those changes with the formula kept intact in A1.

  • If you accept the B1 cell value change, the formula in A1 will be reevaluated, and its value will change to "4".

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