5 August 2021

We released a couple of new Layer features that we thought might interest you. The new features give you more access and control over your data and spreadsheets.

Share Spreadsheet Ownership

You can now add multiple owners to a single spreadsheet. Spreadsheets owners will be able to manage the spreadsheet, create and share Flows, and review data submissions.

Lock and Unlock Cells

Layer is giving you the option to lock cells, ranges, and sheets when sharing a spreadsheet workflow.

That way, you can protect sensitive data and prevent unintended change by making any parts of the file uneditable.

Feature Improvements

  • Flow Creation: We improved the Flow creation experience and combined it with the sheet preview, making it easier and faster to create now.

  • Data Preview: While creating a Flow, you can also preview the shared data before sending it to avoid any errors.

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