When submitting data, you can create a draft to save your edits. That way, you can revisit it later before submitting it.

When a Flow is shared with multiple people, they can also use drafts to collaborate on the data input. Collaborators can create and work on the same draft before submitting it to the spreadsheet owner.

How can I create a draft?

When submitting input via Layer Sheets, you have the option to "Save as Draft".

How can I edit a draft?

You can access an existing draft from the History menu at the top left corner. Then, select the draft you want to edit.

How can I delete a draft?

You can delete a draft from the History menu as well by clicking on the three dots next to the draft and selecting "Delete Draft".

Can collaborators work collaboratively in real-time?

At the moment, collaborators can only work one at a time on drafts. If someone is editing a draft, it will be locked for other collaborators. After they save the draft, you can continue working on the shared draft.

What if a collaborator forgets their draft open?

After an hour of editing, the draft will be autosaved and the session will end. That way, other collaborators can access and edit the latest version of the draft, even if the editor forgot to save it.

Can a collaborator overwrite a draft?

If a collaborator tries to save a draft when there's an existing one, they will receive a popup to confirm replacing the older draft with the new one.

Be careful as you won't be able to retrieve the edits made to the draft once it's been overwritten.

Can spreadsheet owners view draft changes?

No, spreadsheets owners can't view the draft edits or changes, only the final data submission.

Can I use Excel or Google Sheets to create drafts?

Drafts are only available through Layer Sheets. Uploading an Excel file or submitting a Google Sheet is considered a submission and not a draft.

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