This new year, we've been working on more features and making further improvements to help you streamline your flows and give you and your collaborators a better collaborative experience.

We started by automating some of the manual tasks you would perform as a spreadsheet owner and giving you more power to manage and update pre-existing flows without the need to create new ones.

Manage your collaborators

If you add more than one collaborator when creating a flow, a single flow will be created and shared with all collaborators. That way, collaborators can work together on data input before submitting it.

You can also manage your collaborators by adding or removing any from previously created flows.

Share Flow updates when accepting data

After you review an input, your collaborators will now have access to the latest version of the shared file, where they can see all accepted and rejected changes. You also have the option to submit a message back during data review to provide them with further feedback or context.

Collaborators will now receive an email with the status of their data submission, once it has been reviewed. That way, they always have the most up-to-date data and can continue to work on it or submit more changes if needed.

What's next?

We're working on further improvements to help you, and your collaborators work simultaneously on the same flows more seamlessly while keeping the data up-to-date and visible for everyone at all times, including:

  • Collaborators can save drafts. Then, go back and make changes to them.

  • Flows will be automatically updated with any changes from the main file. All collaborators will be able to view changes and have access to the latest version of the flow.

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