If you want to share a part of your spreadsheet and collect data, you need to create a connection.

To create a connection, first, open your spreadsheet and launch the Layer add-on.

The "Connections" tab is where you would find a list of your connections. If you haven't created one yet, you will only see the button to create a new one.

Click the "New Connection" button. This will take you to the connection creation.

Step 1: Define the connection and shared data

A connection is a new Google Sheet that sits in your Google Drive. In the first step of the connection creation, you can give it a name and define which parts of your spreadsheet you would like to include in the Connection.

  • To add a sheet: Click the "Add Sheet" button. A list of your sheets will be shown, where you can select the sheet to share.

  • To add a range: Select the cell range you want to share. Then, click the "Add Range" button. A window will display your selected range to confirm. Click "Add".

Through a single connection, you can share multiple ranges, multiple sheets, or a combination of both.

Step 2: Define access

In the next step, you can define who gets access by entering one or multiple email addresses.

Note: If you add more than one collaborator or email address, a single spreadsheet will be created and shared with them. That way, collaborators can work together on data input before submitting it.

You can also define whether your collaborators should have Edit or Read-Only permissions. If the connection is set to Read-Only, collaborators won't be able to submit data input or changes to be merged back into the main file.

Finally, you can add instructions, which are notes or comments to be shared with your collaborators - they can contain instructions or context to let the collaborators know what is expected from them.

Step 3: Define the due date and frequency

Here you can automate your input requests for repetitive processes (e.g. weekly metrics, monthly reporting, etc.), if needed, by defining:

  • Due Date: Set a deadline for the request, and Layer will automatically notify and remind your collaborators when needed.

  • Frequency: In case you need to set up a recurring process, you can select the desired automation frequency; daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Once you've submitted all of the required information, click "Create" to create and share your connection. You'll now also be able to see it in your dashboard.

By clicking on the connection, you can now view your newly generated and shared spreadsheet, monitor tasks and deadlines, review submitted changes, or edit the connection, if needed.

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