So you've created a connection, and you want to delete it? Don't want to share the data with your collaborators or for them to submit input anymore?

No worries. It's very simple!

To delete a connection, all you have to do is launch the Layer add-on, locate the connection in the "Connections" tab, and select it.

Click on the ellipsis icon "⋮" on the top right and select "Delete Connection".

You will receive a confirmation prompt confirming. Click "Delete", and the connection and all of its shared data will be removed.

Note: Be very careful when deleting a connection because the action can't be undone, and it will permanently delete the previously generated and shared spreadsheet.

If you simply want to change the connection settings once it's been created (e.g. change the frequency, shared data, or add collaborators), you can do so by editing the connection.

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