Once you've created and shared a workflow, you might see a "Review" label showing on your workflow in the Layer add-on, indicating that a collaborator submitted data input and requested a review. The spreadsheet owner can then go through the changes and select which ones to merge back into the main spreadsheet and which to ignore.

To review data input:

  1. Select a workflow with a pending review request (showing the "Review" label).

  2. The new input will be listed under "Review Changes". Here, you can see which cells were affected, as well as their previous and new values. In this example, the value of cell D3 changed from €2,000.00 to €2,500.00.

  3. You can select the data changes separately by checking the box next to each and selecting whether to accept or reject them. Alternatively, you can select all the changes per sheet by checking the box next to the sheet name (i.e. Leads 3 in this case).

  4. Accepted changes will be merged into your main spreadsheet.

What is considered a change or input?

Only cell values and formula changes are considered changes and will be merged into your main spreadsheet if accepted. Added or changed cell stylings, formats, colors, added or removed sheets, and any other changes made by the collaborator will be ignored to keep your underlying spreadsheet's integrity.

What happens after I review the data?

If you review and accept data changes:

  • The accepted changes will overwrite your current data in the main spreadsheet.

  • A new version will be created by the Google Sheets version history feature, which you can restore or download at any time.

  • The collaborators will receive an email informing them that their data input has been reviewed.

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