Managing and reviewing your data can get overwhelming if done alone... but you can now do it with your team!

Your connection co-owners can help you create and manage connections, receive updates on pending data reviews, and approve changes.

What are connection co-owners?

If you share your master spreadsheet with others (with Owner or Editor access), you can co-manage your connections with them by sharing the connected file created by Layer with them through Google.

By doing that, the connection co-owners will be able to:

  • View, manage, and delete your connection.

  • Receive email updates of input review requests by collaborators.

  • Approve changes and merge them back into the main file. However, they can't accept or reject changes in locked sheets or ranges.

For example:

  • Ann is the owner of the master spreadsheet.

  • Peter is an editor of the master spreadsheet.

  • Ann creates a connection with Tom as a collaborator.

  • Layer creates a connected file and shares it with Ann and Tom.

  • Ann adds Peter as an editor to the connected spreadsheet (through Google).

  • Peter can now view and manage the connection.

  • Tom makes changes to the connected spreadsheet and submits a review request.

  • Both Ann and Peter will receive email notifications of the request.

  • Both Ann and Peter can approve and merge changes into the master spreadsheet.

How to add connection owners?

To add connection co-owners, you need to share the connected spreadsheet with one or more of your master spreadsheet owners or editors through Google.

  1. Open the connected spreadsheet created by the Layer connection you would like to co-manage.

  2. Go to File > Share > Share with others. Alternatively, you can click the “Share” button placed in the top-right corner.

  3. Add the connection co-owners as editors by selecting them from your contacts or adding their email addresses.

  4. Click "Send".

Use Case Example

Let's assume a CFO is the owner of a business case and grants the Finance Manager and Analyst editor access. They can fully edit the file; no locking settings prevent them from doing that.

  • The CFO creates connections for the forecasting process and shares them with the Finance Manager and Analyst. They can view and manage the connections.

  • The CFO creates separate connections shared with other stakeholders, like investors and internal people (e.g., for investor reporting or KPIs sharing). Those connections won't be shared with or accessed by the Finance Manager and Analyst.

  • The Finance Manager and Analyst set up their own connections (e.g., for data collection) that aren't relevant to the CFO. The CFO won't have access to the connections that are not shared with them.

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