When you create a connection, Layer creates a new spreadsheet with the shared data and shares it with your collaborators.

How is the connected sheet created?

When creating a connected spreadsheet:

  • All data, including formatting, styling, formulas, and values, are copied from your master file to the connected spreadsheet at the time of connection creation.

  • Formulas or functions with references to sheets or ranges not included in your connection will not be copied. Instead, the cell values will be copied to the connected sheet.

How are master file changes synced with connected sheets?

By syncing your data, Layer will make the edits directly to the connected spreadsheet on your behalf and will show you in the version history of the connected spreadsheet as the author of those changes.

Whenever you make edits to your master file that has one or more connections or connected spreadsheets:

  • If the add-on is open, all edits will be synced with your connected spreadsheets every minute.

  • If the add-on is not open, any edits to the master file will not be synced. The next time you open the add-on, changes made while it was closed will be synced all at once.

To learn about structural edits to your master file and connected spreadsheets, check out our article on adding and removing rows and columns.

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